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Ebola virus disease or EVD is a fatal viral infection. It is also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. It spreads via infected bodily fluids and blood. This infection starts in animals, and then it reaches humans. There is no permanent ebola virus disease treatment. But you can prevent this infection.

Ebola Virus Disease Symptoms

Fever – An ebola patient will first have light fever. It will persist for long. Every day, the intensity of this fever will rise.

Nauseas and vomiting – A general physician knows that regular vomiting and persistent nausea are two other ebola virus disease symptoms.

Body and head pain – An ebola patient will also experience body and headache. He/she will also have muscle stiffness.

Diarrhea – Difficult bowel movements or diarrheas are common among ebola patients.

Stomach infection – Stomach infections will result in abdominal cramps.

Ebola Virus Disease Causes

Viral infection – This disease is the direct outcome of ebola viral infection inside the host body.

Physical contact – Physical contact also occurs on the list of ebola virus disease causes. A physician always touches the patients with gloved hands.

Transfer through sex – Sexual interaction with an infected person will help the virus to get inside a healthy host.

Diagnosing Ebola Virus Disease

A general physician from mfine will be able to detect the ebola symptoms. These doctors will suggest blood culture, stool, and urine culture to detect the seriousness of the infection. The patients need speedy hospitalization.

Other Disorders and Ebola Virus Disease

This infection spreads quickly. Lack of proper medication will prove to be fatal. Severe brain damage can lead to the death of the patient. The infection can stop the kidney functions. It can also damage internal organs, which will pave the path for a painful death.

Treating Ebola Virus Disease

A general physician will refer your case to an ebola virus disease specialist. You will get information about such doctors on mfine easily. They will recommend immediate hospitalization. Intensive medical care, and oxygen therapy is a must. Doctors also offer direct IV fluid treatment. Antibiotic course will also play an important part in treatment.  

Find Ebola Virus Disease Specialists at mfine

Patients, who want information about best ebola virus disease doctors near you, must check out the profiles on mfine. These profiles highlight experience and qualification of all medical professionals. From a general physician to a specialist, mfine offers details of all doctors in your area.

If you want the best medical assistance, then mfine is the best destination.

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