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What causes shortness in breath?


A condition in which even though you might seem fit and fine, you tend to lack the tendency to inhale the air inside your body.

One in four people in the United States happens to have Dyspnoea. [1]

-Medical assistance is highly required.
-Occurs in both genders and at all ages.
-Lab testing is required.
-Acute and chronic.

A condition in which a person’s body lacks air and he or she can’t inhale the readily available air from the atmosphere. The lungs are weak and need assistance for normal breathing movements, something that needs to be taken care of. The condition arises due to smoking and excessive inhalation of pollutants.


-Shortness of breath - there is acute shortness of breath that results in coughing, wheezing, and even loss of breath.
-Unstable breathing - there is no rhythm in breathing and at times can be laborious.
-Chest becomes tight - the chest is taken back and there is literally no oxygen inside the body and needs external machines to help supply oxygen to the body.


-Self-care - quit smoking and inhaling or second-hand smoke. Take in fresh air early in the morning and go on morning walks.

-Medication - perform yoga and also take in supplements that help in rhythmic breathing.

-Specialist - consult a doctor if condition worsens. At mfine we happen to treat you in the best way possible and also ensure that you are cured of your breathing problems.

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