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What is CT scan, when it is recommended and understanding its result?

What is a CT scan?

CT Scan refers to Computed Tomography Scan. It is a kind of imaging technology and diagnostics procedure used to detect various diseases and medical conditions in a human body. [1]

It is medical imaging and monitoring procedure that uses X-Rays to create cross-sectional images of different parts inside a body. It is a painless and fast procedure through which multiple images are produced from different angles. [2]

When is CT scan recommended? 

CT Scan is used to diagnose various medical problems. It can be recommended if you have-

-Bone or muscle problems such as tumor or fracture.
-Injuries or internal bleeding from trauma such as vehicle accident, or any other reason
-Have conditions like heart diseases, cancer, liver masses, kidney and gallbladder stones
-Problem breathing, abdominal or chest pain
-Vascular diseases
-Blood clots, infection, nodules

CT Scans are also recommended to guide and evaluate the treatment procedure such as biopsy, surgery and radiation therapy.

Preparing for CT scan

-Bring all the previous X-rays and medical reports
-Wear loose and comfortable clothes
-Remove all the jewelry and metal objects
-You may be given a gown to wear by the examining staff.
-Tell the doctor if you are pregnant or have any allergies or any other medical conditions.
-You may be asked not to eat and drink a few hours before the examination if it involves a dye (contrast agent).
-Prepare yourself to be calm and still.

Understanding CT scan results [7]

The report is analyzed and interpreted by the radiologist and is sent to the physician. The physician discusses the report and results with you.

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