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Corns and Callosities: Facts and Tips


Hard bumps on the feet caused by friction.

Hyperkeratotic lesions of the foot (including corns and calluses) have been reported to affect 20-65% of people aged 65 or older.[1]
- Self-diagnosable and treatable
- Imaging is rarely required
- Can be resolved in a few weeks or months
Corns and callosities are hard bumps on the feet and toes that is caused due to layers of skin growth. They are worsened by friction and pressure and can be painful or uncomfortable. However, they are rarely malignant or harmful.


Self-diagnosable: Hard bumps on the feet that can be uncomfortable.
Dry, rough skin
Raised bumps around feet and toes
Inflamed skin that can be painful
Difficulty while walking
Painful when touched


Self-care: Wear comfortable shoes with protective inserts. Avoid shoes that are tight or place more pressure on the corns and callosities.
Corn pads: OTC corn pads can help avoid pressure on the corn and fasten healing.

Medicines: OTC anti-inflammatory medicines may be used to lessen pain and swelling.

Soak and scrub: Soak your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes and scrub lightly with a pumice stone.

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