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What is Cat Scratch Disease?


Cats spread this disease. When an infected cat licks an open wound or bites a person, the person may get a mild infection within 14 days.
This disease commonly affects children under 5 years with poor immunity who frequently play with cats and kittens.
- Caused by a bacterium called Bartonella Henselae
- Infected area may get swollen, red with round raised lesions and may have pus
- Patients may get a fever, headache, poor appetite, and exhaustion
- Lymph nodes closest to the original scratch or bite can be swollen, tender, or painful
- It may rarely affect bones, joints, eyes, brain, and other organs
- Medical attention is necessary if symptoms persist
- A doctor may suggest a blood test
- Kittens les than 1 year old are more likely to be carriers
About 40% of cats carry this bacterium at some time in their lives.


While self-diagnosis is possible, for unrelenting symptoms, a doctor visit is necessary.
Patient may experience
- Red bump, sore, or blister at the site of a cat bite
- Warmth in the bite area
- Low-grade fever
- Headache, fatigue, poor appetite, and swollen glands
- May cause pus


Children should be well supervised when they play with pets. Ensure proper handwashing after playing to minimize infection risk.
Cat owners should ensure regular nail trimming for the cats to prevent fleas and infections.
Anti-inflammatory medicines, painkillers, and/or antibiotics are prescribed. For painful glands, the doctor may insert a needle for fluid drainage. Complete recovery may take several months.
Consult your local general physician for the best care. The competent team at mfine is only a call away to help you with consultation, diagnosis, and treatment

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