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Everything You Need To Know About Bromhidrosis


Bromhidrosis, more commonly known as osmidrosis or body odor is a condition when your body’s sweat reacts to the bacteria on your skin to cause a foul smelling stench. Sweat glands can be divided to two categories:
- Eccrine
- Apocrine
This condition affects more than 50% of the people worldwide. [1]

Bromhidrosis is most commonly caused due to the apocrine glands. These glands are primarily located on:
- The underarms
- The groin
- The breasts or chest area
Both eccrine and apocrine glands produce colorless and odorless sweat, it is only when bacteria reacts to the sweat released by these glands that any odor is released, most commonly the eccrine glands can be salty or smell like the food you eat such as garlic. Apocrine glands are only active past puberty and react to external bacteria to produce what is known as body odor.


The symptoms of bromhidrosis include:

- Foul smell from sweat near the apocrine glands
- Excessive sweating from the apocrine glands
- Sweat with color near the apocrine glands

Self-diagnosable: The fastest way to make this diagnosis is through smell, if you sweat excessively and your underarms smell extremely bad, it is worth consulting a doctor for a more accurate diagnosis.
People may Experience
People commonly experience excessive amounts of sweat that is foul smelling.
Self care: A healthy lifestyle can help manage bromhidrosis, keeping the apocrine gland areas clean and dry also helps manage the condition.
Medications: Doctors in extreme cases recommend surgery, but in most cases traditional and ultrasonic liposuction and botox are administered.
Specialists: The best person to diagnose, manage, and treat this condition is a dermatologist. Use mfine today to consult a dermatologist from the privacy of your home to manage and rid yourself of body odor.

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