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Is brittle nails an indicator to a deeper problem?


Splitting, thin, and soft nails, termed as onychoschizia

Fragility in nail plate is the leading cause of brittle nails, affecting about 27% women. [1]

1. Usually, brittle nails can be categorized as soft or dry
2. Soft type is due to an excess of moisture, whereas dry type result from lack of enough moisture
3. Repeated wetting and drying is the leading cause of brittleness

Nails splitting or breaking due to continuous variation in moisture condition, improper maintenance of nails, etc. is broadly termed as brittle nails. In rare cases, the cause for brittle nails can be attributed to internal reasons, such as a vitamin deficiency or some disorder.


Self-diagnosable: Brittle nails is a reasonably direct problem, often presents itself clearly for self-diagnosis.

People may experience:
- Pain or swelling in the skin surrounding the nails
- Bleeding in the skin around nails
- Nail thinning or thickening
- Curling or deformation of nails
- Discoloration of nails
- Separation of nails from the surrounding skin


Self-care: Proper nail care can help avoid any external causes of brittle nails. One can keep a check on nail hygiene and care by using the following:
- Regularly clean fingertips and nails
- Practice good levels of hygiene with hands and feet
- Don’t bite or pick nail cuticles
- Use moisturizers for nails
- Avoid using harsh or chemically strong nail products
- Never pull off hangnails
- Take prescribed Biotin

Specialist: Some localized infections and minor injury can also affect the health of nails and result in brittleness. Nail separation and falling off from the nail bed is termed as Onychomadesis.
Treating the same, under medical guidance along with the proper supplement for nail health will be helpful in such cases.
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