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Bodyache: Understanding the Underlying Causes


Body aches are very common in adults and are often harmless. However, they can, at times, be part of a serious, underlying condition.

Bodyache affects as many as 4 million people in America alone.

- The underlying causes of body ache range from infections, stress, dehydration, arthritis, lack of sleep, fluid retention and even certain types of medication. Body ache can trigger anxiety about one’s health and therefore should be given immediate attention.
- Body aches are common in adults in the age group of 25 to 45 years.
- Body ache and associated symptoms can persist for a long time. Pain may occur in one part of the body and shift to nearby parts.
- Rheumatological evaluation, screening tests and physical examination can help find the reasons for body ache and identify a treatment that can give relief.


Symptoms may vary depending on the causes. Some symptoms do not indicate any serious underlying problem while others require immediate medical attention.

Common symptoms of body ache include:
- Fatigue and weakness
- Chills
- Muscle stiffness
- Feverishness

Symptoms that require urgent medical attention are:
- Severe pain in parts of the body for no apparent reason
- Persistent fever
- Severe redness or swelling in some areas of the body
- Hot flashes or cold sweats
- Tension headache
- Shortness of breath
- Loss of consciousness


Treatment for body ache includes proper medication and adequate self-care. Some options for getting relief from body ache :
- Over-the-counter medicines and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
- Proper rest and rehydration.
- Exercise.

At mfine, we are committed to helping you take care of your health. We offer solutions that range from accurate diagnosis to the right treatment.

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