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Important things to know about body pain


Body pain can be defined as a sensation in the whole body which is quite unpleasant which is triggered by the body nervous system. The pain can start all of a sudden and reach the peak or start slowly and then increase at a constant pace.

As per statistical data, four types of body pain are common among Americans [2]

- Low Back Pain: 27%
- Headache/Migraine: 15%
- Neck Pain: 15%
- Facial Pain: 4%

There are various factors responsible for such body pain. The nature of pain and its severity also varies from person to person. Factors like biological, environmental, cognitive, emotional, disease-related, etc can be held responsible for body pain.


Body Pain itself can be a sign of many underlying diseases in the body. Few symptoms include muscle cramps, pain in the whole body, tight muscles and body stiffness

People may experience:
- Arthritis
- Weakness in the body
- Difficulty in making the body moves
- Fatigue
- Pain at tender points
- Infection and virus attack
- Problem in sleep
- A headache
- Stress
- Hidden body injuries
- Dehydration


Self Care:
- Avoid making sudden movements or twisting of the body as this may cause muscle cramp leading to body pain
- Consult a doctor before taking OTC medicines for pain relief if you are allergic to any food or medicine
- Regular exercise will enhance the flexibility of the body
- Soak the body in lukewarm water
- Take enough fluids to stay hydrated and to ease the pain caused due to dehydration
- Take cold water bath in case of overworked muscles pain

Medicines: Over the counter medicines are available which will help you get immediate relief from the pain. Medicinal ointments are also available which can support in relaxing the troubled area of the body with regular use.

Specialist treatments: Doctor will suggest you to maintain of good posture at the time of sitting and standing and recommend you to allow the body to rest for repair and recuperation. Physiotherapy to relax the pains in the body. Connect to our doctors at mfine for the best treatment.

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