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Some babies don’t develop completely, when they are inside the mother’s womb. These babies may have physical defects or internal organ damage. When a baby with these detects will require proper birth defect treatment. Get in touch with a general physician to get preliminary information about this.

Birth Defect Symptoms

Fast heart rate – If the infant has a very high heartbeat, then see a child heart specialist today.

Breathing issues – Babies with heart or lung defects will find it difficult to breathe normally.

Feeding issues – poor feeding abilities is another symptom of birth defect among infants.

Skin discoloration – A general physician will detect birth defects if the baby has pale blue or grey skin.

Low immunity and physical deformation – These are two other birth defect symptoms. Low immunity in new born babies is common. But if it persists for long, then you need to take contact a specialist.

Birth Defect Causes

Genetics – Some babies suffer from genetic imperfections. This is the main cause of birth defects among kids.

Smoking and drinking – These two are primary birth defect causes. Any general physician will ask pregnant women to stop alcohol intake and smoking.

Malnutrition – Mothers must eat nutritious food during pregnancy. Lack of proper nutrition will cause birth defects.

Diagnosing Birth Defect

Any specialist, listed on mfine, will ask for ultra sound tests. These tests will offer conclusive information about the development of the fetus. Physical abnormalities will show up in these tests. Amniocentesis and blood tests and will highlight possibilities of birth defects as well.

Other Disorders and Birth Defect

Though minor birth defects don’t pose a threat, the same is not true for major flaws. If the child has a hole in the heart, then he/she will develop fatal heart diseases. Babies with down syndrome will suffer from nervous disorders. They will never get a normal life.

Treating Birth Defect

A general physician on mfine can prescribe medicines to lower risk factors. If more medical care is necessary, then you need to contact a birth defect specialist. Once diagnosis is complete, the doctor will prescribe surgery to eliminate the defect. It is not possible to cure all birth defects. Proper therapy and medication can bring some relief.

Find Birth Defect Specialists at mfine

Opt for the assistance of specialists on mfine, and lower the risk of birth defects before child birth. The birth defect doctors near you have tools and adequate knowledge. They will take necessary precautions to prevent serious disfigurations.

With mfine, you can also attain online appointment with these specialists.

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