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What are the Causes & Treatment for Autoimmune Thyroiditis?

About :

A common organ-specific autoimmune disorder which leads to severe inflammation of the thyroid gland.
Hashimoto’s disease (a type of autoimmune thyroiditis) is 8 times more common in women than men. [1]
- Can cause different forms of thyroiditis ranging from hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s disease) to hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease).
- Can be chronic, silent, transient, hyperthyroidism, subacute and acute.
- Laboratory testing is required.
- Antibody screening can also be used.

Thyroiditis is the result of attack of the thyroid gland by the antibodies of our own body. It’s actual cause is not properly identified by the doctors. But there can be some genetic or environmental factors, viral infection etc. responsible for autoimmune thyroiditis.
Ages affected:
Less than 5 years - Rare
Ages 6 to 29 - Common
Ages 30 to 50 - Most common
Above 50 years - Often

Self-diagnosable: In case of severe burning of thyroid gland and enlargement, the person should consult a physician.

Symptoms :

- Weight gain
- Fatigue
- Constipation
- Depression
People may experience :
- Pain areas Neck
- Swelling Around the neck area in the thyroid gland region
- Skin and hair issues Loss of hair, dryness of skin
- Weakness of muscles
- Stiffness of joints

Treatment :

Self-care Avoid excessive consumption of iodine and quit smoking. Try to be stress-free.

Medications To get relief from the inflammation, drugs can be taken according to doctor's prescription.
Specialists For other kinds, consult a physician or endocrinologist. Get on board with mfine to get access to specialized and experienced doctors

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