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Atypical Mycobacteria- what you need to know?


Atypical Mycobacteria infections which causes broken skin or contamination.

Most atypical mycobacteria are found worldwide, however, M. ulcerans which causes Buruli ulcer occurs mostly in tropical regions around the pockets of the tropical region. [1]

- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Lab tests or imaging often required
- Can occur in both men and women
- Can be both, acute and chronic

Atypical Mycobacteria infections are extremely chronic and if not treated immediately, then they can be extremely fatal to the victims. This Atypical Mycobacteria is categorised into three broad categories, which are further subdivided into different parts. This Atypical Mycobacteria is found worldwide affecting a lot of people over the age of 40 years. This is also mostly caused in the tropical regions where the climate is humid and strong.

Ages affected - 20-30 years: often; 30-40 years: more often; 40+ years: most often


Symptoms may include broken or cracked skin with bruises all around them which can contain contaminated wounds.

People may experience
Skin issues - unexplained redness, swelling, irritation, rash
Breathing distortment – it can be really hard to breathe properly if affected
Pain areas – mostly affects the chest portion


Self-care: For itchiness or swelling of the skin, warm compresses can really help to bring down the redness and patches that have occurred on the skin.

Medications: For removing different redness, anti-tropical or anti inflammatory creams can be a really good option.

Specialists: For other kinds, consult a specialist. At mfine, we’re here to help you with different areas of health issues; you can come to us as we offer several options and services, and we will make sure you are in the right hands as needed

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