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All you need to know about Asymptomatic Bacteriuria


An infection of the urinary tract occurs when bacterial colonization takes places in the urinary tract.

The prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB) in non-pregnant and pregnant women is 2-10%. [1]

-Usually shows no symptoms
-Self Treatable
-Short-term, resolves within a few days to weeks

An asymptomatic urinary tract infection usually shows no signs or symptoms. However, if not treated, it can lead to other complications like pyelonephritis.


Because people with these conditions show no visible symptoms, a urine test is the only means of detecting it. If there is a positive urine culture, only then it can be detected.

These tests are usually carried out during pregnancy, as pregnant women are at the highest risk.


Most cases of Bacteriuria in non-pregnant women do not require any treatment. The bacteria washes off on its own. Prevention can help avoid the infection, by drinking plenty of water and maintaining personal hygiene.

Treatment is recommended for pregnant women. The following antibiotics may be recommended:
- Ampicillin
- Amoxicillin
- Cephalexin
- Nitrofurantoin

Asymptomatic UTI is generally not a cause of concern and may not require any treatment unless symptoms show up or you’re pregnant. The disease can be properly managed through treatment and by maintaining personal hygiene. Feel free to contact our doctors at mfine for professional advice on all your health issue for your overall health and well-being. We provide you with a holistic approach in all aspects of healthcare.

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