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Ascorbic Acid Deficiency: Symptoms and Treatment


Ascorbic acid deficiency happens when there is a lack of vitamin C.

Only 10 to 14% of cases are reported annually.[1]

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Lab tests are often required
- It requires a medical diagnosis

Vitamin C is an important nutrient that aids the body to absorb iron and produce collagen. Ascorbic acid deficiency may result from a poor diet that lacks in fresh fruits and vegetables, illnesses like anorexia and mental health issues, old age or excessive consumption of alcohol or drug use. Low vitamin C levels are linked to increased risk of infections.


- Rough and bumpy skin
- Bright red hair follicles
- Dry and damaged skin
- Easy bruising
- Painful swollen joints
- Weak bones
- Bleeding gums and tooth loss
- Poor immunity
- Corkscrew hairs
- Anemia


Self- Care:
- Eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C
- Consult a nutritionist for a well-balanced diet

- Vitamin C supplements intravenously (for severe cases) or orally (for mild to moderate cases), suggested by a physician.

To treat health-related problems such as ascorbic acid deficiency, consult a primary care physician. We, at mfine provide accurate diagnosis and smooth treatment with a team of expert doctors.

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