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Join pain is common among people of all ages. But if you suffer from striking pain in one or more joints continuously, then it can be arthritis. It happens when your joints develop inflammation. Any general physician will tell you that there are over 100 types of joint inflammations. But rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) are commonly seen among people. The arthritis treatment will depend on its type.

Arthritis Symptoms

  •    Joint pain is the most common symptom of arthritis
  •    Patients often complain of stiffness in joints and muscles
  •    Redness on the skin and reduction in mobility are other stark arthritis symptoms
  •    Some can develop swelling in the joints
  •    Many people suffer from lack of appetite.
  •    As patients no longer feel the interest to take food, they often become anemic or weak
  •    Slow deformation of the limb if left untreated for long

Arthritis Causes

Doctors are still not sure about the actual reason for this disease. Some arthritis causes are as follows:

Reduction in cartilage flexibility: Cartilage is the flexible tissue that holds two bones in place. With time, these tissues lost the flexibility and shock absorption capacity. This results in arthritis.

Joint injury or infection: Any serious injury or joint infection can also cause a sharp pain in bones. Don’t ignore even the slightest pain and see a general physician immediately.

Autoimmune disorder: Sometimes, your immune system can target specific cartilage or joint automatically. The autoimmune disorder will slowly lead to arthritis.

Diagnosing Arthritis

Proper diagnosis is the first step towards attaining health. Reputed orthopedics and general physician, listed on mfine will come to your rescue when you take an online appointment. Physical examinations detect liquid accumulation around the joints. For better diagnosis, they will prescribe x-ray test. For advanced tests, they will extract and analyze ligament or cartilage sample.

Other Disorders and Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that generally affects bones and joints. It does not have fatal outcomes. But unchecked join infection can render you motionless. More pain in joints means less mobility. A sedentary life will send an invitation to several other ailments.

Treating Arthritis

Any arthritis specialist will prescribe some painkillers to check the joint pain. But the best remedy is physical exercise. These experts will point out some limbic movements, which will render the joints flexible. In case of infection, necessary antibiotics will reduce the inflammation and pain.

At mfine, we try to offer the details of the best arthritis doctors near you. If you desire proper treatment, then opt for the best in the business. Compare the doctors’ profiles and take your pick.

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