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The anorectal anomaly is the disorder that affects the rectum and the anus, the last part of our digestive system. There are two types of anorectal anomalies namely, the low anorectal anomaly and high anorectal anomaly. A general surgeon is the specialist you need for the treatment of anorectal anomalies.
Anorectal Anomalies Symptoms
The anorectal anomalies symptoms vary according to the type with which the patient gets affected. The child is unable to pass the feces in the usual way for the first few days. It leads to vomiting and swollen abdomen. Partial removal of feces compounds the abdominal pressure.
Anorectal Anomalies Causes
Common anorectal anomalies causes include the incomplete formation of bowel while the baby develops in the womb. The exact causes are not yet known though medical research has indicated some probable causes. It does not happen due to any injury during pregnancy.
Diagnosing Anorectal Anomalies
Anorectal anomaly gets diagnosed soon after birth through examination. The general surgeons usually ask for x-rays and ultrasound scans. This is not a problem to stay neglected. You need to book an appointment with anorectal anomalies doctors near you at the earliest. The good news is that mfine makes it easy for you to find all the details of the top specialists in your city.
Other Diseases Related To Anorectal Anomalies
Anorectal anomalies sometimes get related to fistula in case of both the high and low anorectal anomaly. In low anorectal anomaly, the anus gets closer or is narrower than normal. A connecting passage to the skin develops in anal fistula. In high anorectal anomaly, the bowel connects to fistula instead of anus.
Treating Anorectal Anomalies
All kinds of anorectal anomalies treatment entails a surgery under the general surgeons. In some cases, only one operation in need while it is a series of procedures in some other cases.

The extensive range of listing of the experienced surgeons at mfine makes finding anorectal anomalies specialist really easy. Anorectal anomaly is not an untreatable condition. Under the treatment of the expert professionals, the surgery will be successful without any issues.

Find the experienced specialists near you easily with mfine.

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