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Can Saliva Damage the Mouth?


Due to the accumulation of saliva on both ends of the mouth for a longer period of time. There is significant inflammation that tends to lead to cracks and thus paves way for angular cheilitis.

More than a million people in India alone happen to suffer from the condition of angular cheilitis. [1]

- Both acute and chronic.
- It can generally occur in women and men of all ages.
- Medical assistance might not be required.

Angular cheilitis is a condition that is caused when there is saliva accumulation on both ends of the mouth. On drying up, there are cracks formed that result in inflammation of that particular region; this leads to the occurrence of angular cheilitis. It gets healed by itself and there is not much medical assistance required.


- Color the two ends of the mouth turn red and crusty in nature.
- Appearance there are blister-like formations along with swollen yet cracked skin in that region.
- Smell there is a really bad odor that emanating from your mouth and a burning sensation on the tongue as well.


- Self-care try to keep the affected area as moist as possible. And also try not to scratch the affected area as it might spread more.
- Medication application of certain ointments and lotions helps in the eradication of the condition.
- Specialist try to keep in touch with a doctor in case if things go south. At mfine we provide positive results and give the news that you wish to hear at all times.

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