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Anemia of Chronic Disease: Important Facts


An anemic condition caused due to an underlying condition.
It is the second most common type of anemia, after anemia caused by a deficiency of iron[1].
- Requires lab tests
- A chronic condition
- Can be treated or managed

Anemia of chronic disease is a condition resulting in decreased red cells in the body. This is typically due to an autoimmune condition or a chronic illness. It is also known as anemia of inflammation. Treatment is important as a poor red count can decrease oxygen levels in the body.


Medically diagnosed: Your physician may diagnose the condition after a few lab tests.
Pale skin
Weakness and fatigue
Recurrent headaches
Difficulty in breathing
Pulsing heartbeat


Self-care: A healthy diet and following the treatment plan as advised for the underlying condition is essential to curb inflammation.
Medicines: Your health care provider may prescribe certain medications that support the production of red blood cells in line with your treatment plan. In severe cases, there is a requirement of blood transfusion.
Specialists: Timely treatment with a physician consultation is critical to maintain good health. If you are looking for comprehensive treatment for anemia or any other health ailment, reach out to us at mfine for expert solutions.

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