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Inflammation and irritation of the back of the throat.

Smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke are common factors for causing pharyngitis. [1]
− Physical exam of the throat by a doctor is enough for a diagnosis.
− Affects both men and women.
− A Complete Blood Count (CBC) with throat cultures may be ordered.
− Can be physically painful.
A sore throat can be very uneasy and painful. It is generally infectious and can either be viral or bacterial. Most common throat infection is streptococcal throat infection (strep throat).
Ages Affected – people of all ages are often affected


Symptoms include difficulty and pain while swallowing and sore throat and must be shown to a general physician for a proper diagnosis.

People May Experience
Irritation – feeling that something is stuck in the throat, itchiness, cough, hoarseness or tickling sensations
Pain areas – back of the throat while swallowing
Fever – Low grade fever


Self-Care: Quit smoking, avoid alcohol consumption, drinking warm liquids, gargling, washing hands often with alcohol – based sanitizers, and avoid sharing food, clothes, and drinks.
Medications: Take over the counter oral medication. Antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin are also effective.
Specialists: For other treatments, consult an Ear –Nose–Throat (ENT) specialist. At mfine, our experts will help you get rid of Allergic Pharyngitis.

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