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An allergic cough is a term commonly used to describe a fit of coughing caused by allergies. Such symptoms occur simultaneously when a patient is exposed to allergic substances and may also occur when the person is suffering from a common cold or an allergic reaction. Treatment of such affliction can easily be provided by a General physician or an experienced pediatrician.
Allergic Cough Symptoms
The Sinus and Middle ear infections mostly accompany an allergic cough. These are rather considered as indirect effects rather than allergic cough symptoms. The most common symptoms that are visible during an allergic cough is that it can last for as long as the allergies are present in the body and the signs are generally immediate as soon as the patient is exposed to allergies.
Causes of an Allergic Cough
There are a variety of reasons that result in allergic cough causes. It is an overreacting immune system to certain substances which causes an allergy in the body of the patient. The following are the causes of such an affliction:

Over-responsive immune system
Genetically transmitted traits
Presence of allergen
A release of histamine in the body
Mistaken immune response to harmless substances

Allergic Cough & Asthma
Though there are no definite reasons as to why an allergic cough is caused what it has been proven through research that those who suffer from genetic disorders and problems like asthma are more prone to developing an unwanted allergic reaction that causes cough like symptoms of the cold virus even in its absence. Therefore, such an affliction requires the special treatment of a pediatrician.
Diagnosing Allergic Cough
An allergic cough specialist has a variety of ways to diagnose such afflictions with ease. Skin prick test is performed by a General physician in such cases to determine the depth of the problem.
Allergic Cough Treatment
An allergic cough treatment may vary widely according to its type and intensity. Generally, medications such as antihistamine, decongestants, nasal steroids, etc. may be used.

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