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Allergic airways disease mainly consist of two diseases, i.e. allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. It can be triggered by the presence of any kind of pollutant and leads to chronic conditions.

In India, 20-30% population suffer from allergic rhinitis, while 15% of the population suffer from asthma [3].

Exposure to air particles like pollen, smoke, and smog are responsible for sensitization and onset of allergic illnesses. Changes in weather, exercise and stress can also result in bronchial ashtma.

● Treatable by a medical professional
● Requires a medical diagnosis
● Lab tests or imaging often required
● Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong


● Wheezing and coughing on contact with the allergen
● shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
● excess mucus in the bronchial tube
● swollen mucous membrane in the bronchial tube
● hypersensitive bronchial tubes, that show symptoms even in the presence of minute allergens


● using breathing and relaxation exercises (if you are going through stress)
● Try to reside in a non-polluted environment
● Stay away from pets
Rescue inhalers can treat symptoms
Controller inhalers can prevent symptoms.
Severe cases may require longer-acting inhalers that keep the airways open

Allergic airway disease should be treated by an expert pulmonologist. At mfine, you can connect yourself with experts of the field.

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