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Alcoholic hepatitis is liver inflammation caused by drinking alcohol.

Around 10% to 15% of patients with alcohol hepatitis have a high mortality rate due to fulminant diseases and another 5% to 10% develop a prolonged illness that results in death. [1]

- Affects both men and women, although women are at higher risk
- Develops over time with continued drinking
- Develops in 10%–35% of heavy drinkers
- Is common among individuals of age group 40–60 years

Consuming alcohol and suffering from malnutrition are the major causes of this condition. With continued drinking, it develops into cirrhosis and leads to liver failure and death.


Early symptoms include abdominal tenderness and bloating, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, fever, dry mouth, and confusion.

People may experience
Pain area – abdomen
Symptoms at severe condition include pale skin (jaundice), ascites, vomiting blood, melena, redness on hands and feet, impotence and breast development in male, and hallucinations


Self-Care: Having changes in lifestyle, avoiding consumption of alcohol, and taking healthy diet (recommended by the doctor)

Medications: Only after doctor’s prescription
Diagnosis through medical history review, blood tests, ultrasound, liver biopsy, CT scan, and MRI

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