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Acute Laryngotracheitis is the condition where a person experiences discomfort due to sore throat and has a barking cough along with inspiratory stridor.
Acute Laryngotracheitis (Viral Croup) affects about 3% of children in a given year, with a peak incidence between ages 6 months and 3 years. [1]
Medical diagnosis by a physician is required for confirmation.
Most commonly affects children.
Radiography or laryngoscopy may be required.
Can be irritable and painful.
Viral acute laryngotracheitis infection usually begins in the nasopharynx and spreads further to the epidermis of trachea and larynx. As some edema develops in the subglottic region of the child’s airway, the airflow is restricted, which leads to audible inspiratory stridor and hoarseness due to the swelling of vocal cords.
Ages Affected – children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years – most often.


Symptoms include hoarse voice, inspiratory stridor, runny nose, and low-grade fever.
People May Experience
Respiratory issues – the child experiences a barking cough, hoarse voice, and inspiratory stridor.
Uneasiness – mild fever, runny nose, coughing, sore throat.
Self Care: Gargling with salt water and drinking warm water may help in reducing the severity of the sore throat.
Medications: A prescribed dose of analgesics can be taken. Prescribed medications through nebulization can provide relief from the stridor. In severe cases, the doctor might prescribe corticosteroids or heliox (helium and oxygen) to the child.
Specialists: It is recommended to consult a pediatrician immediately in case of acute laryngotracheitis.
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