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Diagnosis and Treatment for Acute Bronchitis


A common type of bronchitis that involves the inflammation of the bronchial tubes.

Acute bronchitis is mainly a viral infection.

  • Can be treated by a medical practitioner
  • Clinically-diagnosed by a physical examination
  • Lab tests and imaging are not required
  • Short-term: improves in days or weeks

Acute bronchitis is caused by viral infection in the bronchial tubes that carry oxygen to lungs. Bacteria rarely causes acute bronchitis. The infection lasts for 3-10 days, but the coughing may prolong for a few weeks. People with weak immune systems are prone to this infection.

Ages affected- Most affected: under 5; all other ages may be affected equally.


Starting from cold, cough, runny or stuffy nose, a cough that gives out yellow or green colored mucus, body aches and chills.

People may experience

Phlegm: Maybe clear, white, yellowish-gray or a green thick viscous substance
Chest congestion: Chest seems full or sore due to continuous coughing
Fatigue: Ranging from inactiveness to heavy tiredness
Affected breathing- Shortness of breath, with wheezing or whistling sound
Fever: Usually runs low


Acute bronchitis often gets better on its own and the doctor usually recommends a lot of rest and fluid intake.

Self-treatment: Getting some rest and drinking lots of fluids usually help with the condition. Using a humidifier or having a hot shower can be useful too in most cases.
Medications: Several analgesics might help in relieving the body pain. Antipyretics can be taken to cure fever.

Specialist: It is important to consult a doctor when the fever is higher than 100.4F, or the sputum is accompanied by blood.
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