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Acute bronchiolitis: Causes and Symptoms

A sudden and rapid development of the inflammation in the bronchial tubes.

Bronchiolitis may be more severe (and recovery may take longer) in very young children (under three months), ex- premature babies or children with underlying lung or heart conditions.

  • Requires diagnosis by a medical professional
  • Spreads easily
  • Onset is sudden
  • Acute bronchiolitis is the sudden and rapid development of the inflammation in the bronchial tubes. The condition results due to a virus that gets into the respiratory tract when harmful things (such as tobacco, fumes, dust) are breathed in by the victim.

Ages affected – Often: between 20-30 years; Very often: between 40-50 years; Fewer: between 60-70 years


Symptoms may include a sore throat and difficulty in gulping. The sputum may be green or yellow in colour and this could be an indication of viral/bacterial infection (depending on the shade of the sputum). THe condition also causes shortness of breath, wheezing occurs and constant chills.

People may experience:

  • Persistent body aches – mostly around the neck region
  • Acute pain – while gulping food
  • Chest congestion


Self-Care: For relieving the pain, avoid drinking fluids that contain caffeine or alcohol.

Medications: Take over-the-counter pain tablets that help in relieving the soreness of the throat, burning sensation and inflammation.

Specialist: Consult a physician in case of persistent coughs or when there is severe inflammation accompanied by pain and fever.
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