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Here’s what you have to know about the accidental bite by another person


Accidental bites that can cause irritation and pain around the injured portion

Human Bites generally do not bleed a large amount, but, if they do, put direct pressure on the area for 10 minutes, which should stop the bleeding.

  • Is treatable with proper causes
  • Can be treated within few days
  • Can be serious or relatively harmless
  • Needs proper medical attention

The accidental bite by another person generally happens during fights or can be results of wide-ranged injuries from minor bruising caused by other person. Human bites can lead to dangerous infections because of the amount of bacteria present inside the human mouth. Biting is the most common among young children, and they can cause you harm when they are angry or frustrated.

Ages affected - Between 20 and 30 - Often; Between 30 and 40 - More often; 40 and above - Fewer


Symptoms of such infections can cause redness and inflammation around the wounded area with a pus like discharge.

  • People may experience
  • Pain areas – Around the injured portion
  • Swelling – Swelling of the wounded area
  • Skin issues – Unexplained redness, swelling, irritation, and rashes
  • Fever – Fever and chills that are quite common


Self-Care: For bites or bruising, warm compresses around the injured portion can be really helpful to bring down the swelling and decrease the redness.

Medications: For fever and chills, different ibuprofens can be useful to bring down the temperature.

Specialists: For other kinds, consult a specialist. At mfine, we are here with different health-related problems to solve your health-related issues.

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