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Secondary Esophageal varices: Occurrences and Treatments


Abnormal veins that lie in the lower part of the esophagus

Esophageal varices are dilated collateral blood vessels that develop as a complication of portal HTN, usually in the setting of cirrhosis. [2]

-Occurs in people who have severe liver diseases.
-It requires immediate medical consultation.
- Needs Capsule Endoscopy, CT Scans, Ultrasound, and Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscope.
-More common in men than in women.
-It is chronic.

Secondary Esophageal varices are the abnormally enlarged veins that lie within the esophagus (the tube that connects the throat to the stomach). It occurs when the normal flow of the blood to the liver is obstructed by a clot or a scar tissue within the liver. The blood flows into the veins which are not meant for carrying large volumes of blood. Therefore, the vessels can rupture causing severe bleeding.

Ages affected- The people between the age of 41 to 60 are more prone to Secondary Esophageal varices. The condition is also common in people above 60 years of age.


Esophageal varices only show symptoms if they bleed.

People may experience:
- Vomiting- blood in vomit
- Black or bloody stool
- Unconsciousness- In severe cases, the person may even become unconscious
- Dizziness and weightlessness of the head


Self-care: Stop drinking alcohol, exercise regularly if you are overweight, avoid using chemicals and protect yourself from hepatitis.

Medications: Your doctor may recommend you antibiotics, beta blocker or synthetic hormones. You may even require blood transfusions.

Specialists: You need to contact a hepatologist, interventional radiologist or gastroenterologist for your condition. At mfine, we offer holistic healthcare programmes at reasonable prices. Contact us for all your health concerns.

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