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Everything about Hepatomegaly


Feeling of fullness, nausea, weakness, and discomfort in the abdomen due to enlargement of liver

Enlarged liver or Hepatomegaly is usually a reflection of an underlying liver issue or health conditions like Hepatitis, Jaundice or even Cancer. This can affect any age group. [1]

- It cannot be self-diagnosed.
- A range of treatment is available.
- Imaging like MRI and blood tests may be needed.
- The condition resolves based on the severity: It may lead to long-term damage if left

Hepatomegaly is the clinical term for liver enlargement. It is usually a ramification of other conditions. Symptoms vary with stages of the enlargement. Patients may suffer from pain and skin discoloration and even vomit often.


Not self-diagnosable – needs a specialist care
Pain in the abdomen and loss of appetite
Skin and eyes turning yellowish (Jaundice)
Symptoms may worsen with stage advancement
Nausea and weakness are a common effect of liver enlargement


Self-Treatment: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can ease symptoms. Prohibiting alcohol intake and smoking is immensely helpful.

Medicines: Use vitamin supplements and other drugs to control the discomfort.
Since this is caused by other conditions, doctors first treat the underlying causes like Hepatitis and Cancer.
Surgery is opted for serious cases.

Specialists: If left untreated, a liver enlargement can lead to permanent damage. Immediately consult a specialist if any symptoms persist. mfine is your one-stop solution if you are faced with any complications.

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