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Hepatomegaly. Everything you need to know.


Hepatomegaly is a disorder where the liver gets enlarged due to specific reasons.

80% alcoholics experience hepatomegaly along with aging.[3]

- Partly curable by taking medications and restricting certain eating habits.
- Lab tests and imaging always required.
- Treated by a medical professional.
- Generally causes severe abdominal pains occasionally.

Hepatomegaly is the disorder where the liver enlarges abnormally causing unbearable pain in the abdominal region. This might be due to numerous reasons and curable as well, and liver transplant is one of the most common ways out to abolish hepatomegaly. If a portion of the liver is transferred to the patient's body, it is capable of grow into full size after some time. Jaundice and abdominal pain are two of the most common symptoms of hepatomegaly.

Ages affected: Can happen in children, neonates as well as adults of any age. Mostly seen in people above the age of 30 years


Self-diagnosable: belly protrusion, abdominal pain, increased heart rates.

People may experience:
1. Excessive pain in the abdominal area.
2. Enlargement of the belly area.
3. Dark colored stool
4. Loss of appetite and weight as well.
5. Jaundice.
6. Nausea.


Self-care: Quit alcohol immediately; Eat healthily including green vegetables in the diet, exercise
Medications: Certain antibiotics are given if the conditions aren’t that serious; otherwise liver transplant or chemotherapy is adopted if liver cancer is detected.
Specialists: Visit a gastroenterologist for the treatment of hepatomegaly. Check out mfine to know more about it and any other disease as well.

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