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All you need to know about Gilbert Syndrome


Gilbert syndrome is a common and harmless liver condition which is a result of inadequate processing of bilirubin in the liver.

One in one million babies born worldwide suffer from Type I syndrome[3]

• Requires a medical diagnosis
• Lab tests or imaging rarely required
• Chronic condition – can last for years or even a lifetime
• More prevalent in males

Bilirubin is produced by the breakdown of red blood cells. When the blood contains an excess amount of bilirubin and the body is unable to produce enough enzyme, it leads to Gilbert syndrome.

Ages affected:

Gilbert syndrome can affect individuals at all ages. One can be born with this condition.

Gilbert’s syndrome is usually genetic in nature. You are at high risk of developing this condition if both parents carry the abnormal gene.


The most common signs of Gilbert syndrome are:
• Illness such as cold or flu
• Yellowish tinge of skin
• Dehydration
• Lack of sleep
• Strenuous exercise


Gilbert’s syndrome does not require treatment usually. The bilirubin levels may fluctuate over time and occasionally leads to jaundice.
Certain life events like stress can trigger episodes of high bilirubin levels leading to jaundice. These lifestyle modifications can help you keep bilirubin levels under control:
• Eat a healthy diet
• Drink plenty of liquids
• Manage stress
• Limit your alcoholic intake
• Take blood tests to keep a check on your bilirubin levels

Gilbert’s syndrome does not require treatment. The bilirubin levels may fluctuate over time and occasionally leads to jaundice. The symptoms can resolve on its own within a few days.

A primary care physician can help manage Gilbert's syndrome. mfine provides you access to the best medical specialists for an integrated treatment plan to resolve all your health issues effectively.

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