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Accumulation of liver fat – All you need to know


Fatty liver is a condition characterized by too much fat stored in the liver cells. It is a serious kind of disease which is marked by inflammation of the liver and may progress to scarring and irreversible damage.

Approximately 32% of the Indian Population is affected by the condition.[4]

- Treatment can help but does not cure the condition
- Requires medical diagnosis
- Diagnostic tests always required
- Chronic condition: can last for years

This is a common chronic disease which is affected to a large percentage of people in the world. This condition is usually linked to the following:

- Being overweight or obesity
- Insulin resistance
- High blood pressure
- Diabetes
- High levels of fats, especially triglycerides in the blood
- Increased intake of alcohol

Ages affected:
Fatty liver occurs in every age group but especially to people between 40-50 years in age, who are at a higher risk of heart diseases.


The symptoms of fatty liver include:
- Enlarged liver
- Fatigue
- Poor appetite
- Abdominal pain
- Physical weakness


These home remedies can help alleviate fatty liver:
- Maintaining a healthy diet
- Working towards maintaining a healthy weight
- Regular exercising
- Control diabetes
- Lower cholesterol levels
- Stop intake of alcohol

The usual treatment followed by doctors to cure fatty liver includes Vitamin E capsules along with diet therapy and lifestyle changes are recommended.


Referring to a certified doctor for treating fatty liver is extremely essential to prevent the severity of the condition. We at mfine provide the best treatment to our clients where a team of specialist doctors works together to help cure health diseases. Get in touch with us to receive the best treatments from our specialists.

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