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Colposcopy: What Is It?

What is Colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a procedure in which a specialist examines the cervix. It is a quick way to find the cell changes in the cervix region that may gradually turn into cancer. It is also known as the type of cervical cancer test which lets the doctor take a closer look as to whatever the dysfunctions are.

When is Colposcopy recommended?

A Colposcopy is recommended when the doctor detects a natural problem or the growth of cervical cancer. If the cervix appears to be abnormal during the pelvic examination and the PAP results turn out to be abnormal, the doctor recommends that the patient should undergo a Colposcopy checkup. Moreover, if a person is diagnosed with the Human Papillomavirus or is subjected to heavy bleeding, he/she must undergo Colposcopy.

Preparing for Colposcopy

A person about to undergo Colposcopy is advised to consume only liquids comprising of water, tea, coffee without milk or cream, broth or carbonated beverages. Also, he/she is asked to avoid red liquids that are heavy to digest and can cause imbalance.
Understanding Colposcopy results

After the Colposcopy tests are conducted and the results are generated, the doctor can conclude about the patient’s condition. If the patient undergoes a biopsy instead of Colposcopy, he/she might have to wait for several weeks for the test results.

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