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Barium Enema test related details

What is Barium Enema?

Barium Enema, which in other words is said Colon X-ray is a type of imaging test. To detect or diagnose any problem in the large intestine or lower intestine, Barium Enema test is conducted. Barium is used to get the test done, as it is injected inside the rectum. With the help of Barium, it becomes possible to diagnose the problem in the soft tissues as well, as it helps in providing clear images during the test. For more clear images to detect the problem, air is also pumped inside the colon by a technician.

When is Barium Enema recommended?

Barium Enema is recommended by the doctor in different cases like:
- Chronic Diarrhoea
- Abdominal Pain
- Ulcerative colitis
- Rectal bleeding and blood occurring in stools
- Polyps
- Colorectal Cancer
- Inflammatory bowel diseases and problem in bowel movements
- Crohn’s Disease
- Diverticulitis

Preparing for Barium Enema

Here is how you can prepare yourself for Barium Enema test:

- Your doctor may recommend any laxative which you will need to take to clean your bowels.
- Fasting is also recommended in the Barium Enema Test, from the midnight before the test.
- Before the test, you will be suggested only to intake liquids like water, coffee, tea, or broth.

Understanding Barium Enema Results

Based on the images obtained from the test, the doctor makes the report.

- If any changes are detected in the colon, your report is considered as a positive result. After which you will be asked to get more tests done like the colonoscopy.
- In case no changes are detected, your report is considered as a negative result.

You can consult with the doctors at mfine, in case your Barium Enema Test report comes positive, to know about the further treatment.

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