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HIV is one of the viruses that damage the immune system. Thus, the body’s ability to fight diseases gets affected. AIDS can develop in individuals with HIV. However, being HIV infected does not mean AIDS will develop. A general physician is the one you need in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
HIV/AIDS Symptoms
The HIV symptoms mostly stay latent for months before they manifest themselves. According to general physicians, the common symptoms are:

Recurrent fevers
Night sweats
Swollen lymph nodes
Fatigue and nausea
Vomiting and diarrhea
Skin rashes
Weight loss
Recurrent vaginal or oral yeast infections

HIV causes AIDS and an individual cannot get AIDS symptoms without being HIV infected. CD4 is a type of immune cells that HIV continues to destroy progressively. Normal count of CD4 is 500 to 1,500/cubic millimeter. When the CD4 count goes below 200, it gets known as AIDS.
Diagnosing HIV/AIDS
Several tests are used for diagnosing HIV. The general physician decides the test according to each patient. You must not neglect your condition and visit the specialist at the earliest. The good news is that mfine has made it really easy for you to find the AIDS specialist near you. You will get all the details on the site to opt for a direct visit or online consultation.
Other Diseases Related To HIV/AIDS
There are multiple diseases related to HIV and they are all fatal to some or more extent, if left untreated. HIV can lead to anal cancer, neurocognitive disorders, salmonella, thrush, and so on. AIDS can cause cervical cancer, lymphomas, and sarcoma.
Treating HIV/AIDS
HIV treatment includes administration of antiretroviral medication. It stops the virus from attacking the CD4 cells. Thus, the immune system stays strong enough to fight off the disease.

What you can expect at mfine is the right guidance to an experienced HIV doctors near you for treating HIV/AIDS. Once you are in proper treatment, even a deadly disease like HIV/AIDS can get under control and cured forever. So, waste no more in getting the treatment.

Get a consultation from the specialists at mfine as soon as possible.

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