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Dyspareunia in medical terms means the inability to engage in intercourse due to deep vaginal pain properly. It is a condition where the female spouse experiences painful intercourse due to problems of the vagina. Though such an affliction is not gendered specific, in both cases it causes deep agony in the genitals. Therefore, the service of an experienced gynecologist in such situations becomes invaluable for treatment.
Dyspareunia Symptoms
The major sign among the various dyspareunia symptoms that plague the patient is extreme pain and discomfort during or after intercourse with their partners. However, there can be other tell-tale signs involved in such an affliction such as:

The absence of sexual desire
Difficulty in aroused
The pain only during sexual penetration
Repeatedly experiencing pain while the partner thrusts
Burning sensation along with the pain
Lack of orgasm
Pain when inserting a tampon
Throbbing sensation during intercourse

Causes of Dyspareunia
Among the plethora of factors that causes dyspareunia in women, few among the list are as follows:

Vaginal dryness
Lack of foreplay
reduction in estrogen
Medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, birth control pills, etc.
Genital injury
Infection or Inflammation
Skin disorders or irritation
Congenital disabilities
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Genital warts, candida or herpes simplex

Dyspareunia and Infertility
Dyspareunia causes the patient to experience immense pain during sexual intercourse due to problems like fibroids, genital warts, irritable bowel syndrome and other such afflictions. It can also cause problems in pregnancy and may result in infertility as well due to the inability of having proper intercourse. Therefore it is recommended that the patient employs the service of an experienced gynecologist as soon as possible.
Diagnosing Dyspareunia
A dyspareunia specialist diagnosis the problem by gathering detailed information about sexual, medical, and surgical history. A pelvic exam and a physical exam may help to determine the exact cause of the problem and recommend proper care.
Dyspareunia Treatment
Dyspareunia treatment main range from one person to another based on the depth of the affliction. Minor problems can be treated with vaginal lubricants, anti-allergy creams and adequate foreplay while serious problems may require surgical intervention and hormonal therapy for proper recovery.

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