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Why Scanty Facial Hair?


Lack of or less of facial hair can have many causes.

Facial hair growth is not related to testosterone but is completely based on genetics. [1]

- The genes of a person also determine the facial hair of a person. The more hair follicles inherited, the better the facial hair.
- Malnutrition, improper diet and smoking can lead to it.
- Emotional stress, as well as physical trauma, can be a cause too.
- It can happen due to several diseases like Tinea faciei, Alopecia areata, psoriasis and more.
- Facial hair can also deplete with age.

Facial hair protects the face from the sun (UV rays) and other bacterial infection. Moreover, facial hair in men has aesthetic importance. Scanty facial hair can be caused by several reasons but is treatable.


Reduction in its growth, patches on the face and evident lack of facial hair are some of the symptoms.


Self- treatment:
1) Applying castor oil to the affected areas like eyebrows to make them dense.
2) A healthy diet including nutrients like antioxidants and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

1) Some over the counter medicines are suggested by the doctor.
2) Some facial oils.

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