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Hypotrichosis of the beard: Why does it occur?


Also known as Werewolf Syndrome, Hypotrichosis of Beard is an abnormal growth of hair in the body.

Hypertrichosis is a very rare health condition, with fewer than 100 cases documented worldwide.[3]

-Characterized by excessive growth of hair in the body.
-Sporadic condition.
-Can affect both men and women.
-Can be congenital or acquired.

Hypertrichosis can be either generalized or localized. In generalized hypertrichosis, there is an abnormal amount of hair growth in the entire body whereas, in localized hypertrichosis, excessive hair growth is limited to a specific area of the body.

Ages affected- Hypertrichosis can occur between the ages of 18-45. The onset of generalized hypertrichosis may be from birth up to 2 years of age.


People may experience
Excessive hair growth- in unusual areas of the body
Different types of hair in Hypertrichosis- persistence of long, thin, soft hair (Lanugo); short, smooth, pigmented hair (Vellus) which grows in the entire body except the areas having no hair follicles; thick, coarse and long hair (Terminal hair) that grow on face, arms, chest and back.


Self-care: It may include shaving, plucking, and bleaching, waxing or chemical epilation. However, these treatments are only temporary, and the hair may grow again.

Treatment: You can opt for Laser Epilation or Electrolysis for permanent hair removal. In Electrolysis, individual hair follicles are destroyed using electrical charge. In laser Epilation, the hair is removed by destroying individual hair follicles by using a laser.

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