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Growing pains: Everything you need to know


A childhood condition that affects the muscles and causes pain in the front part of the thighs, calves and behind the knees.

Sixteen percent of school-age children are affected by growing pains.

➢ Medical assistance is required for handling the pain.
➢ A physical examination is done for diagnosis.
➢ Blood tests and x-rays are needed in rare cases.
➢ Girls experience growing pains more than boys do.
➢ Pain usually occurs in the late noon or early evening and sometimes in the middle of the night.

The exact reason for growing pains is still not known though they are common in children who are active and children with weak joints. Prolonged physical activities like playing, running and jumping can increase the risk of muscle ache at night. These pains are very common and do not cause any long- term or serious harm.

The ages most affected are children of 3 to 12 years. This condition never occurs in those above 18 years of age.


Pain in the abdominal region
Pain in both the legs


Self-care: Massaging and placing a heating pad on the pain areas will be soothing. Stretching of the legs can also prevent pain.

Medications: Pain relievers can be given to your kids as per the doctor’s advice.

Specialists: For the symptoms mentioned above and any other complications, please get in touch with a physiotherapist. Here at mfine, we offer specialized treatment for a wide array of diseases and help you stay fit and healthy.

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