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Graves Disease: How Vulnerable is the Thyroid Gland?


The condition in which there is excess secretion of thyroid hormones.

There about 1 in 200 people in the United States who are affected by this disease. (1)

- Laboratory tests are required.
- Medical assistance needs to be given.
- Affects both men and women after the age of 40.
- Can be chronic and acute.

The condition causes the thyroid glands to secrete more quantities of thyroid hormones that causes several abnormalities to arise in the body. These abnormalities can be observed in the eyes, the arms, legs, and in the overall nature of the person. However, the causes of Graves disease to rise is genetic and hereditary.


Swelling – There is inflammation of the eyes, arms, and legs.
Redness – The eyes turn red along with the arms and legs.
Fatigue – There is a loss of appetite along with an irregular heartbeat.


Self-care – Intake of a proper diet and exercise is a must.
Medication – Intake of anti-thyroid medications under medical supervision is suggested.
Specialist – Rush to the doctor, if the above symptoms are felt. At mfine, we target the primary cause of the condition and give you complete treatment and care for its rectification.

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