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Xerosis of the Face: Identify the Symptoms and Treatments


Dry skin condition is common but a condition of extremely or abnormally dry skin is called as Xerosis.

Menopause can be one of the reasons contributing to occurrence of xerosis. [1]

- This disease affects men and women equally but is more common among people above the age of 60 years.
- It can be diagnosed by a dermatologist by taking a skin exam and medical history.
- The condition is temporary and can be treated but causes uneasiness for the time it lasts.

It may become grave during the winter season. Under this condition, the skin becomes extremely rough and dry, and loses moisture and oil.

Some common causes of xerosis
- Lack of barrier lipids in the skin
- Lack of moisturising factors in the skin
- Lots of external factors that can be one of the causes of the xerosis of the face like the humidity or lack of sunlight
- Too much UV rays exposure


People may experience:
- Tightness of skin of the face
- Roughness
- Flaky skin
- Itching and scratching on the skin of the face
- Cracks on the facial skin


Self-care treatments can work really well, such as
- Some methods like maintaining a healthy skin and keeping it hydrated
- Use of hydrating creams and agents to subside dehydration from the face
- Use of moisturisers on facial skin

If the condition reaches on an extreme stage, a dermatologist can help in this situation.
Creams containing lactic acid or urea or both are useful.

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