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Viral Warts: Types and Treatments


Warts occur on the skin surface because of Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
Warts are usually harmless but they look gross and are contagious and embarrassing at the some point. They have haunted humans for more than 3000 years. Some warts may be painful.

It is estimated that 25% of the world population are affected by wart at the same time. [1]

- Warts can be easily felt and seen and so can be self diagnosable.
- Pregnant Women can undergo pap smears to avoid passing it onto their babies.
- Types
- Common warts
- Plantar warts
- Flat warts
- Filiform warts
- Periungual warts

For confirming genital warts, doctors can suggest undergoing a tissue lab test.


- White, red or skin colored tan
- Raised bumps
- A small hole and hardened skin on the foot
- Black, clotted blood vessels.
- Popping out fleshy grainy bumps


- Freezing treatment - A mixture of dimethyl ether and propane is sprayed on the wart.
- Treatment with salicylic acid - It is application of a product that contains salicylic acid.
- Duct tape - Duct tape needs to be wrapped around the wart for several days, thereafter soaking and rubbing of the wart is done. It may take few days.
- Liquid nitrogen - Liquid nitrogen is applied on the wart to freeze it. It requires few sittings as it develops blisters. The result is not immediate and may take a week’s time.
- Surgery - This process involves shot of anesthesia. It is done when all the other treatments fail. The wart is cut with a surgical knife or burnt with electricity. It leaves a small mark on the area and can be a painful process.

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