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Understanding the basics of comedonal acn


The skin colour acne bumps are called as the comedones. They can develop on areas such as chin and forehead.

It is a common condition and is also considered that form of acne that is mild to moderate.

  • Due to oxidation of open comedone the pimple looks dark.
  • The whiteheads look like small white dots and the surface is closed.
  • All the comedone acne looks bumpy.
  • It is easily identifiable as it is in flesh colour.

Blackheads along with whiteheads are usually caused by the trapped hair follicles. Dead skin cells can also get trapped within the hair follicles and these together in the presence of natural oil in the sebum can form a plug.

Adults who have oily skin are primarily affected by comedonal acne. It is also a common occurrence in individuals who have a habit of smoking. Some risk factors such as high humidity, over hydrated skin, high consumption of dairy products along with laser therapy leads to the appearance of this type of acne.


Comedonal acne may produce excessive sebum from the sebaceous gland. If the acne is picked then it may cause scarring.

People may experience

  • Pain areas - There are no specific pain areas. If the acne is picked that area of the face may cause pain.
  • Types of pain - There is no pain experienced due to comedonal acne.
  • Painful circumstances - Injury of the area may cause pain, follicle injury due to picking.
  • Muscular Pain- No muscular pain related with the comedonal acne.
  • Major causes - The comedonal acne may form due to high consumption of dairy product, diet with high sugar and oil, over hydrated skin and high humidity.


Self Care
• Tea plant oil is useful for curing many of the skin ailments such as comedonal acne.
• Witch hazel can remove and open the closed comedones.
• Charcoal masks can clear all the impurities of comedonal acne.

Medications: OTC topical and prescription medications such as an ointment or cream containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Specialists: If topical and oral medications are unable to clear the severe outbreaks of the acne, then surgery will be required. Contact us at mfine, we have well experienced dermatologists who will provide you with the best medical assistance.

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