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Everything To Know About Tinea Incognito


A localized skin infection that caused by a fungus, like ringworm and extended by the use of topical corticosteroids is called Tinea incognito.

The use of a topical steroid is the most common cause of Tinea Incognito [1]

- Generally caused by inappropriate treatment.
- The original infection slowly extends due to the use of topical corticosteroid.
- Common areas of are the face and the back of the hand
- Treated by discontinuing topical steroids and prescribing topical or oral antifungal medicines
Tinea incognito is different from other fungal infections both in shape and in the degree of involvement. It can be induced by usage of Topical steroids, Tacrolimus ointment, Pimecrolimus cream. Often misidentified as dermatitis, it can cause skin infection, inflammations and extended infections. If symptoms are noticed, a doctor should be consulted.


Not Self-diagnosable
Symptoms may include extended infection, irritation on the skin, and pain.

People May Experience
Pain areas: Infected area of the skin
The pain can occur anytime and the infection is less scaly, more pustular, more extensive, and more irritable than tinea corporis.
The diagnosis is usually done by taking scrapings from the skin for microscopy and culture a few days after stopping all creams.

If any of these symptoms are noticed, the doctor should be consulted immediately to get tested and to get medical care. If severe symptoms appear, medical help should be availed right away.
After discontinuing topical steroid, treatment usually involves medication.

Self Care
Use of Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic etc.

Upon discontinuing topical steroids, medications may involve antifungals which kills or prevents the growth of fungi. The antifungals can be topical or oral as per the response of the infected area. Bland antipruritic lotions can also be applied.
Topical steroids should not be used to treat undiagnosed skin conditions.

For other kinds, consult a general physician or a Dermatologist. At mfine, we’re here to help you. Come on board for a holistic treatment program.

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