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Scalp Ringworm What is it?


Fungal infection of the scalp that causes itchiness and pain. (1)
Most common in school-age children.

- Visual exam by a physician under Wood’s Lamp is enough for diagnosis.
- Affects both men and women.
- Lab tests with skin and hair samples are often ordered.
- Can be physically painful.

Scalp ringworm (it is not actually a worm) can be very irritating and painful for the child. It is accompanied with bald spots, flaky/scaly skin and red patches on the scalp along with swollen glands.
Ages Affected – childhood – most often; teenage – often; 21 and above – less often


Symptoms include itchiness of scalp, red areas and bald spots, brittle hair, painful scalp, and low – grade fever. Consulting a general physician is advised if these symptoms develop.

People May Experience

Hair fall – Brittle hair fall off quickly
Pain areas – Spots on the scalp with redness
Swelling – Lymph nodes swell
Fever – Low grade fever of 100 – 101° F.


Self-Care: Avoid sharing daily use articles like combs, hats, pillows, and towels. Keep your pets clean (if any).
Medications: Take antifungal medication like griseofulvin or terbinafine hydrochloride. Use antifungal medicated shampoo consisting Ketoconazole or Selenium Sulfide.
Specialists: For other treatments, consult a skin specialist (dermatologist). Here at mfine, when your child needs a hospital, everything matters.

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