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What are Tick Infestations? Symptoms and What You Should Know


Small parasitic organisms which are carried in the form of various diseases through animals to humans.

Around 52 dogs are tick infested per 10,000 dog visits to veterinary centers in the United States. {1}

- Requires to maintain hygiene
- Needs to the pesticide to kill ticks nearby so that they don’t transmit
- Can be curable
- Common condition

Ticks are generally attached to the dog through their mouthparts. It can attach to the dog during its normal course of activities such as hikes or walking. Once human skin is attached to ticks, it becomes red and irritated.

Ages affected – can affect anyone from any age group.


Can be often self-diagnosable. The skin becomes reddish and irritated. Ticks can attach to arms, inside ears, hair, and behind the knee.

People may experience:
Pain – body pain similar to flu maybe noticed; a headache
Fever – mild to severe fever
Rashes – reddish rashes in the affected area
Chills – chills and fatigue


Self-care: One should be careful if the home was recently infested. Sprays and powders should be given to home to kill ticks inside.

Medications: In case of developing similar symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately. Antibiotics are generally recommended to correct the condition.

Specialists: In case of such symptoms, consult a healthcare professional. At mfine, we are here to provide you with complete assistance in your health care program.

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