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All you need to know about Tenia Crur


A fungal infection that happens on the skin of the inner thighs, buttocks, and genitals.

There are more than 1 million cases in India annually [1].

- It is also called a jock itch as it is more prevalent in athletic people who sweat a lot.
- Though it causes certain levels of discomfort, they are usually not serious and could be resolved within a short period of time.
- Tenia Cruris can be prevented by using clean clothes, staying dry, and avoiding the sharing of personal items.

It is also common in men, young adults, diabetic people, individuals with a weak immune system or overweight persons. Tight underwear could also be a contributing factor.


The symptoms are usually easy to diagnose by yourself. People may experience a fungal infection in the groin region.
- Itchiness
- A ring-shaped rash
- Redness
- The skin may be scaly or flaky
- The area around the rash may have small raised blisters


Treatment usually revolves around self-care and antifungal creams.

Self-care: The groin area should be kept clean and dry. Wear light cotton clothes. Topical antifungal creams should be applied regularly.

Medications: Topical antifungal creams

Specialists: Consult a pediatrician or a dermatologist if your symptoms do not change after almost two weeks of self-treatment. mfine caters to different areas of health issues and the perfect course of treatment can be chosen according to your requirements

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