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Causes, Effects, And Treatment Of Folliculitis


Folliculitis is the inflammation which affects the follicle of hair.

It is a very familiar disease usually seen in obese people. [1]

- Medical help is required if there is fever, skin irritation or bumps with bad odor.
- Occurs in both males and females.
- Lab tests are not necessary for this disease.
- It can be acute or chronic.

This disease generally occurs on the hairy part of your skin. The hair follicle is affected in folliculitis. It appears like a rash or acne. Armpits, neck, buttocks are the main regions where you can see the small bumps of folliculitis as these parts undergo friction.
Ages affected - People of any age suffer from this disease.


Staph bacteria generally cause this disease. Folliculitis can spread through the items of a contaminated person like soap, towel, clothes etc.


Small bumps of red, yellow or white color accompanied by soreness, pus, swelling, and itching will occur on the skin.

People may experience
Small bumps- small bumps of red, yellow or red color are seen on the skin.
Itching- skin surrounding the bumps will experience itching.
Soreness- the bumps will have an effect of pain.
Pus- pus is filled in the bumps.


Self-care: avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and do not share belongings with anyone.

Medication: Antibiotics and Antihistamines are prescribed by the doctors to cure this disease.
Specialist: contact dermatologist for any kind of problem. You can get highly experienced dermatologists at Mfine to help you recover fast.

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