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A skin tag is a benign and tiny pouch of skin that stays connected to the skin under through a thin stalk. These look like hanging bits of skin and occur specifically where there is skin-to-skin or cloth-to-skin friction. A general surgeon is the specialist you need for removing skin tags.

Skin Tag Symptoms

There are no specific skin tag symptoms to point out. These bumps on the skin can range in size from being pin-sized to as big as grapes. They have the same color like your skin or a shade darker. Call on your doctor if you see any abnormality in the skin tags.

Skin Tag Causes

The friction between clothes and skin or skin on skin is the main skin tag causes. Since skin friction is a major cause of skin tags, overweight or obese people are more likely to get it. The following are the common spots for skin tags.

  • The underarms
  • Upper chest
  • Neck
  • Eyelids
  • Groin folds

Diagnosing Skin Tag

Skin tags need surgical procedures for removal when they affect your appearance. What you need in such cases is the help of an expert general surgeon. Finding the best general surgeons in your city is not a hassle thanks to mfine. Get all the details of the best skin tag specialist near you and go for a direct visit or an online consultation.

Other Diseases Related To Skin Tag

There are certain factors that help a skin tag to grow. The most prominent one among them is the presence of a form of the human papilloma virus. Insulin resistance, as seen in diabetics, also gets related to the appearance of skin tags.

Treating Skin Tag

In terms of skin tag treatment, you need to know that it is a low-risk procedure to remove it. However, it can bleed and cause complications which is why you need an expert surgeon.

The wide range of listing of the experienced specialists at mfine helps in finding reliable skin tag doctors near you easily. The expertise of the surgeons will ensure the operation runs smooth and your skin gets cured.

Find the experts easily with mfine and begin your treatment.

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