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Experiencing skin peeling? Read on


Peeling can be defined as the unintended loss of the upper layer of your skin, known as epidermis.

As many as 75% of people over 64 years have dry skin.[1]

- Self-diagnosable
- Self-treatable
- Short-term: Resolves within days or weeks

Most of the skin peeling is because of the exposure to environmental elements such as excess cold, heat, or humidity. Rash, dryness, itching, and irritation in the skin may also cause peeling.


- Visible peeling of your skin
- Skin irritation, rashes, or itching

Most of these symptoms are harmless, but if accompanied by other symptoms, then it may be because of an allergic reaction, fungal infections, melanoma, and other immune system disorders.

A few specific conditions that may cause skin peeling include eczema, ringworm, dry skin, jock itch, athlete’s foot, contact dermatitis, etc.


If no other symptoms are present along with it, it generally is not a cause for worry. The symptoms may go away on their own through self-care.
A few home remedies are as follows:
- Wearing clothes that reduce direct exposure to the sun.
- Using moisturisers, sunscreen, and other topical creams.
- Maintaining personal hygiene.

If the peeling does not reduce, it may be because of an infection or similar diseases. Medication can help you treat them effectively.

Most cases of skin peeling are not serious because of environmental or hygienic factors. The symptoms may reduce on their own in a short time. However, it is best to consult your doctor, if the symptoms persist. Feel free to contact our doctors at mfine, for any issues regarding your health, to give professional advice at every stage of your treatment.

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