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Burned skin? Learn the type of burn


Burns are injuries primarily to the skin and underlying tissue.

Nearly 75 percent of all scalding burns in children are preventable. [1]

- Medical diagnosis is required.
- Imaging such as X-ray is required.
- The patient may be transferred to burn center if the burn covers more than 10 percent of total body surface area
Majority of burns are caused by flame and hence are called flame burns. Other causes can be scalding from hot, boiling liquids, chemical burns, electrical burns, excessive sun exposure. There are three levels of burns: first, second, and third degree. First being the most minor and third the most severe.


For first degree burns:
- Redness
- Minor inflammation or swelling
- Peeling of the skin that occurs as burn heals

For second degree burns:
- Skin blisters
- Extremely sore skin
- Blisters that might pop open

For third degree burns:
- Waxy and white color of burns
- Raised leathery texture
- Fewer chances of pain because of nerve damage


- For minor burns, compression might help in reducing the swelling.
- In case of second-degree burns, gently wash the broken skin.
- Get the burn checked immediately in case of third-degree burns
- Doctors may prescribe antianxiety medications along with pain relievers.
- Doctors may also prescribe burn creams and ointments to prevent infection.

Specialist: It is difficult to understand the severity of burn which is why it is necessary to get them checked by a specialist. At Mfine, we provide profound treatment for every disease.

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